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2018 World Cup Betting

The 2018 World Cup will be the biggest betting event of all time and people from all around the world will be looking to back the winner. Like all sports betting events the outcome always looks fairly logical on paper prior to the event however as we know there are always surprises. We are going to be having a closer look at some of the different betting options out there for punters who are looking to make the 2018 World Cup a lucrative one.

2018 World Cup Bookmakers.

2018 World Cup Outright Odds

* 2018 World Cup Winner Odds    
* Top Goalscorer Odds    
* Top Goalscorer/Winner Double Odds    
* 2018 World Cup Golden Ball Odds    
* To Reach 2018 World Cup Final Odds    
* 2018 World Cup Finalists Odds    
* Winning Confederation Odds    
* Winning Continent Odds    
* To Reach Quarter Final Odds    
* To Reach Semi Final Odds    

Confederation Betting

* Top European Team Odds    
* Top South American Team Odds    
* Top African Team Odds    
* Top CONCACAF Team Odds    
* Top Asian Team Odds    

England World Cup Betting

* To Make England 2018 World Cup Squad Odds    
* To Start In Goal For England Odds    
* Stage of 2018 World Cup Elimination Odds    
* Top England 2018 World Cup Goalscorer Odds    

2018 World Cup Group Betting

* Winning Group Odds    
* Group A Odds    
* Group B Odds    
* Group C Odds    
* Group D Odds    
* Group E Odds    
* Group F Odds    
* Group G Odds    
* Group H Odds    

World Cup Stats Betting

* Highest Scoring Team Odds    
* Highest Scoring Group Odds    
* Most Bookings Odds    

2018 World Cup Match Betting

Thursday 14th June
16:00 Russia v Saudi Arabia   Odds
Friday 15th June
13:00 Egypt v Uruguay   Odds
16:00 Morocco v Iran   Odds
19:00 Portugal v Spain   Odds
Saturday 16th June
11:00 France v Australia   Odds
14:00 Argentina v Iceland   Odds
17:00 Peru v Denmark   Odds
20:00 Croatia v Nigeria   Odds
Sunday 17th June
13:00 Costa Rica v Serbia   Odds
16:00 Germany v Mexico   Odds
19:00 Brazil v Switzerland   Odds
Monday 18th June
13:00 Sweden v South Korea   Odds
16:00 Belgium v Panama   Odds
19:00 Tunisia v England   Odds
Tuesday 19th June
13:00 Poland v Senegal   Odds
16:00 Colombia v Japan   Odds
19:00 Russia v Egypt   Odds
Wednesday 20th June
13:00 Portugal v Morocco   Odds
16:00 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia   Odds
19:00 Iran v Spain   Odds
Thursday 21st June
13:00 France v Peru   Odds
16:00 Denmark v Australia   Odds
19:00 Argentina v Croatia   Odds
Friday 22nd June
13:00 Brazil v Costa Rica   Odds
16:00 Nigeria v Iceland   Odds
19:00 Serbia v Switzerland   Odds
Saturday 23rd June
13:00 Belgium v Tunisia   Odds
16:00 Germany v Sweden   Odds
19:00 South Korea v Mexico   Odds
Sunday 24th June
13:00 England v Panama   Odds
16:00 Japan v Senegal   Odds
19:00 Poland v Colombia   Odds
Monday 25th June
15:00 Saudi Arabia v Egypt   Odds
15:00 Uruguay v Russia   Odds
19:00 Iran v Portugal   Odds
19:00 Spain v Morocco   Odds
Tuesday 26th June
15:00 Australia v Peru   Odds
15:00 Denmark v France   Odds
19:00 Iceland v Croatia   Odds
19:00 Nigeria v Argentina   Odds
Wednesday 27th June
15:00 Mexico v Sweden   Odds
15:00 South Korea v Germany   Odds
19:00 Serbia v Brazil   Odds
19:00 Switzerland v Costa Rica   Odds
Thursday 28th June
15:00 Japan v Poland   Odds
15:00 Senegal v Colombia   Odds
19:00 England v Belgium   Odds
19:00 Panama v Tunisia   Odds

Bookmakers Football World Cup Free Bets

As the World Cup 2018 in Russia is such a massive football betting extravaganza all the online bookmakers will be offering World Cup football free bets in order to secure your custom over the weeks of the tournament. We have reviewed each of these online bookmakers and all come highly recommended and you can review all our online World Cup betting partners and World Cup free bet offers and after that it is just a matter of personal choice as to who you open an account with.

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